Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Program- Hybrid Course 
Course Description 


A certified nursing assistant (CNA), also known as a nurse aide, takes care of patients' basic needs, including personal care, and provides support to other medical professionals in a healthcare or in-home setting. 

Nursing Assistants in Arizona can work in various healthcare settings such as Hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, Hospice, and in-home care.  

This state-approved approved program prepares candidates to take the Nursing Assistant exam; This is a hybrid program requiring students to attend ZOOM sessions, In-person skills training, and a 40-hr clinical rotation; All three must be passed satisfactorily to receive a certificate of completion. Total hours to be completed for this course is 125.  An additional 15 hours a week of study time is recommended to be successful.    

Computer and internet access is REQUIRED in order to complete this course. 

Minimum requirements for admission: 

No previous healthcare experience is required to take this course. 

  1. Pass an admissions exam administered by ACE. (we do not require a HS diploma or GED for this course

  2. Resident status documentation Documentation of citizenship or nationality for certification is required such as a current state-issued Photo ID, passport, tribal ID card, etc.  If the documentation does not demonstrate that the applicant is a United States citizen, national, or a person described in specific categories, the applicant will not be eligible for certification in Arizona. 

  3. FingerprintingEach applicant for initial licensure or certification is required to submit a full set of fingerprints. If they have not submitted a fingerprint card with their application, one will be mailed to them after AZBN receives their application. It is important for the applicant to use that specific fingerprint card because of the Arizona State Board of Nursing information printed on the card. It can take 3 to 4 weeks to receive fingerprint results. The applicant will not be certified until results are received. A copy of a fingerprint clearance card cannot be substituted for this requirement.

  4. Criminal Background  An applicant for certified nursing assistant is not eligible for certification if the applicant has any felony convictions and has not received an absolute discharge from the sentences for all felony convictions. This absolute discharge from the sentences for all felony convictions(s) must be received 3 or more years before submitting the CNA application. If the applicant cannot prove that the absolute discharged date is 3 or more years, the board will notify the applicant that they do not meet this requirements for certification.

Class Times-  We offer Weekday, Evening and weekend classes. 


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Frequently asked questions

How long is the CNA Program?

We offer flexible programs designed with you in mind!  Our Weekend programs are 7 weeks while our Weekday programs is only 4 weeks!

Are you State approved?

YES! Our CNA programs are approved by the Arizona State Board of Nursing. 

Our Caregiver program is approved by AZ NCIA Board! 

Do you offer Job Placement?

We have a great relationship with many employers, we will place you face to face with employers and create an opportunity for you!

Can I make payments? 

Absolutely! We offer payment plans that suit your needs! flexible 2-pay, 3-pay or 4-pay installment plan depending on your needs, call us for info!