8 Reasons Why Caregiving might be right for you

With all of the commotion of getting ourselves ready for the holidays, we tend to forget to plan our goals!

A great career opportunity in today’s workplace is in caregiving for the elderly: 10,000 people turn 65 every day, making the need for healthcare workers direr. The Department of labor stated that the shortage among caregivers will be approximately 1.3 million in order to care for all of the older adults needing care. these figures are quite alarming but it creates an opportunity for you!

If you have ever considered a career in caring for the elderly, here’s eight reasons that can help you determine if caregiving is for you:

1. Paying it forward: Providing excellent care to the older adult community sets a high quality care standard for future generations so we have great caregivers when WE need the care. 2. Making people smile: You can make a great difference in our elderly’s life by being there and being YOU!

3. Cultural Diversity: Get job satisfaction by working with residents from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

4. Fast track: In only 3 weeks you can be ready for a rewarding career in Healthcare.

5. Educational Assistance: We can connect you with organizations that offer financial assistance to support your goals

6. Flexibility: Caregiving is a 24-hr industry, which means you can usually find the schedule you desire after you have established yourself.

7. Competitive compensation: Assisted Living Caregivers typically earn $10-15/hour. Some employers also offer shift differential pay and benefits.

8. Job Security: There are over 400 open jobs in Tucson in caregiving, employers are waiting waiting for you! So, don't wait for 2019 to sneak up on you, take the step now to better your future! Call us at 520.338.4402 for more info.

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